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Referencing: Get started

Referencing your sources is an essential part of academic work.

Understanding referencing

What is it?

Referencing is the process of clearly and consistently acknowledging all the information sources you have used by:

  • providing citations in your essay where you have quoted or paraphrased another's words or ideas
  • providing a reference list or bibliography at the end of your assignment.

A citation is referring to part of a reference, either a direct quotation or paraphrasing, within the text of your writing. These are generally called in-text citations, and the basic information of author and date are included.

Reference list or bibliography?

reference list, n.
Details of information sources quoted or paraphrased (cited) in your essay.
bibliography, n.
Details of all information sources used to produce your essay. This includes all works consulted or used in the preparation of your essay, even if you do not refer to said work(s) within your essay.

Referencing tool

The Referencing tool provides examples of:

  • direct quotations
  • paraphrasing
  • full references 

for AGPS Harvard, APA 6, MLA and Vancouver styles.

Referencing tool

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