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Classroom resources

Classroom resources

This section provides information about and access to resources that can assist you with lesson planning, the design and conduct of classroom activities at prac, and the development of your own bank of teaching resources.   Quite a wide range of resources is collected together here -- glance over the titles in the boxes below to see what might suit your needs best.  

The library's Curriculum collections

The Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast and Logan campus libraries have extensive Curriculum
collections containing a variety of resources to support classroom teaching from early
childhood through to adult education (eg, textbooks, picture books, games, and other
material in a variety of media).  
These are available for you to explore and/or borrow for 


Classroom resources, lesson plans, and gateways

  • ABC Splash High level of Australian content Resource is available to anyone, including members of the public 
    A free website which is the collaboration of the Australian government, the ABC and Education Services Australia. Hosts 100s of video clips, games and resources K-12 for English, Maths, Science and History.   
  • Australian Poetry Library High level of Australian content Resource is available to anyone, including members of the public 
    The Australian Poetry Library aims to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of Australian poetry by providing access to a wide range of poetic texts as well as to critical and contextual material relating to them, including interviews, photographs and audio/visual recordings.
    This website currently contains over 42,000 poems, representing the work of more than 170 Australian poets. All the poems are fully searchable, and may be accessed and read freely on the World Wide Web.
  • Children's Poetry Archive Resource is available to anyone, including members of the public 
    Search the Children's archive for a poem or poet

  • Curriki
    Provides access to free, shared teaching resources in a range of formats. All materials vetted by teachers and organized by subject and age group. Over 50,000 resources. Free registration required.
  • High Court of Australia  
    Join Harry the High Court of Australia Emu and Charlie the High Court of Australia Kangaroo in a range of fun activities for primary school students. The activities are sequenced from simple to more challenging.
  • Illuminations 
    Provides access to free Interactive learning objects for mathematics learning, from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (USA).
  • Learning Science 
    "" is an organization dedicated to sharing the newer and emerging "learning tools" of science education such as real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, remote instrumentation, micro-worlds, and imaging, among others, can help make teaching science an exciting and engaging endeavor" (From website)
  • Playtimes | British Library  
  • "From conkers to singing games, rude jokes to fantasy play, Playtimes brings together 100 years of children’s songs, rhymes and games.  Documenting children’s culture from 1900 to the present day, the website includes footage of boys playing leapfrog (1900); girls dancing to celebrate the end of WWI (1919); children re-enacting battle scenes on bomb sites (1947), and numerous examples of children performing ‘traditional’ songs and games such as ‘in and out the dusty bluebells’, hopscotch, or ‘mummies and daddies’. Contemporary films from primary schools in London and Sheffield include children re-enacting scenes from TV game shows, computer console games and pop videos." (Fom website)
  • ​Prac Resources Wiki 
    This wiki links to resources you can use while you are on practicum in the school environment. Generally, all these resources are freely available and Australian (where possible).
  • PrimaryConnections High level of Australian content Resource is available to anyone, including members of the public 100% title coverage in the Library catalogue
    The Australian Academy of Science's Primary Connections is an innovative approach to teaching and learning which aims to enhance primary school teachers’ confidence and competence for teaching science.

  • Queensland Museum -- Resources 
    A large, free, searchable collection of online learning materials, including streaming video, fact sheets, activities, games.
  • Reading Australia (Copyright Agency)
    Significant Australian literary works have been made available for teaching in schools and universities.  Includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and indigenous content.
  • Shakespeare for Kids Resource is available to anyone, including members of the public
    Teaching resources provide Shakespeare lesson plans and other materials for teachers, including audio and video podcasts, and an expanding list of web features, including our first-ever live Electronic Field Trip! Shakespeare for Kids offers plenty of Shakespeare-related games, activities, and creative fun.