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Researching First Peoples topics

Useful resources for effectively and ethically studying and researching First Peoples topics


Tips for finding resources

Indigenous business resources can focus on the entrepreneurial mindset that may deviate from the normal research avenues. Below you will find information on library resources, web resources that include First People's business groups, business support information, and podcasts.

Useful resources

Find a variety of useful resources in the library catalogue by combining terms such as: First Peoples or First Nations or Indigenous Peoples or First Australians or Aboriginal Australians with other relevant terms. For example:

  • management
  • entrepreneurship
  • sustainable enterprise
  • social enterprise
  • innovation
  • public policy

Use these search tips for searching the catalogue more effectively.

Note: If you are doing a systematic-style review, it is best to use library databases for the formal part of your search.

Select journal articles of First Peoples business research