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Vocational, Technological and Design Education

This course focuses on preparing beginning teachers to be effective in planning, implementing and assessing Industrial Technology & Design (ITD) subjects

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The databases listed here have been selected by library and academic staff to give you a good start on finding the information you need. Each of these database will cover a variety of subject areas with differing levels of authority. 

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Search using keywords to find journal, magazine and newspaper articles on a topic.

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How to use the databases

Searching databases a slightly different process to searching the library or Google.  When searching databases you need to separate your question into the key components and search using those key terms. Databases generally offer a wide variety of refinements and other tools to help find the exact materials you need. 

When setting up your search, select broad key terms, once you have your results you can limit your results to show only full text and peer reviewed titles and also limit the date range. Generally we use Database to find recent materials, in academia that means articles written within the last 5 years. 

Example Question: look at methods to increase classroom collaboration in High school vocational teaching. 

Which breaks down in to: High school AND Collaborat* AND vocational classes.

We use the AND to connect the terms, the * is used to pick up all the variables in collaboration ie: collaborate, collaborative

We can leave out terms like 'method' and 'increase' in the initial searches and add them in using the refinement tools available on the database. For  more videos on library search techniques click here.

Once you have completed the search Scan the results, if you have too many results you will need to use the refinement tools or add more search terms. Refinement tools allow you to limit or exclude subject or topic areas, further refine date ranges and even limit to location. If you have too few results , or even none at all, broaden the scope of your search by reducing the search terms and start again. 




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