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Music - Recital and Audition preparation

A step by step guide to assist you prepare for recitals and auditions

Step 1: Finding excerpts

Finding excerpts

Typically the orchestral excerpts you prepare for an audition are only revealed just prior to an audition.  This way everyone has equal time to prepare. However, there are standard excerpts from the literature that you should become familiar with and here is the easiest way for you to access orchestral excerpts. 

QCGU provided excerpts

QCGU Heads of Departments have chosen their top excerpts from the orchestral literature for each instrument as a way for you to be prepared and ready for any audition you are likely to encounter. Discover what is available for your instrument via 5940QCM Large Instrument Ensemble reading list.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra provided excerpts

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has also generously provided their intern program audition excerpts for QCGU students.

AMEB Manual of Syllabuses - excerpts

Key orchestral excerpts are also listed in the Australian Music Examination Board's Manual of Syllabuses, locate the current copy in the Library. 

Griffith Library provided excerpts 

The Library has many orchestral excerpt scores.  Find more for your instrument through a catalogue keywords search for:

orchestral excerpts and [instrument]  --- for example:  orchestral excerpts trumpet; orchestral excerpts violin