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Music - Recital and Audition preparation

A step by step guide to assist you prepare for recitals and auditions

Step 2: Informed practice

Informed practice

Is your practice informed?

Informed practice means understanding all the elements of a musical work and applying it to your recital preparation practice. Musical elements include understanding what is the right sound, stylistic inflections for rhythms, articulations, ornaments, phrasing and a host of other things.  

Have you considered these elements in your recital preparations? If not, how do you intend on performing an authentic interpretation of the intentions of the composer?

Here are some easy solutions to help inform your recital preparations.


The Library has access to the Classical Music in Video and Opera in Video databases which offer excellent resources for watching music performances. Included within the Classical Music in Video database is a series of over 40 master classes for a variety of instruments, and are highly recommend.


Performance Practice

Numerous eBooks and print books are available from the Library on the topic of historical performance practice.  To find more resources, use keywords such as: "performance practice music".

You are encouraged to read widely on this topic and make educated judgements on its use as you prepare for your recital.