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Crime & Delinquency. A policy-oriented journal offering a wide range of research and analysis for the scholar and professional in criminology and criminal justice. Register for Email Alerts.

Criminal Law Forum. A peer reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of criminal law theory, practice, and reform throughout the world. Register for journal updates.

British Journal of Criminology. BJC is a valuable resource for academics and researchers in crime. Email Table of Contents (see Alerting Services on this page).

Current Issues in Criminal Justice. A major Australian journal on criminal justice published by the Institute of Criminology Press.

The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. Offers articles, research notes, review essays and special issues to keep you up-to-date on contemporary issues and controversies within the criminal justice field. Register for Email Alerts.

Journal of Quantitative Criminology. This journal publishes papers that apply quantitative techniques of all levels of complexity to substantive, methodological, or evaluative concerns of interest to the criminological community. Register for Email Alerts on this page.

Sociology compass: Crime & Deviance. Sociology Compass publishes peer-reviewed state-of-the-field articles on a continuous basis, with new articles appearing in each monthly issue. The ideal Compass article is an intervention in the field or sub-field, showing its present state and direction in the future. Access full textRegister for Email Alerts.

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