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Music - Musical Theatre

This is a guide to information resources on musical theatre


Musical scores online

Find musical scores and more online via the Naxos Sheet Music Library.


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Musical scores in print

The Library holds a large collection of score for musical theatre. To discover what is available click the link below. 


Other resources

Finding print scores in the collection

Library catalogue searching

A keyword search in either the Library catalogue or the Classic Library Catalogue will allow you to combine the surname of the composer, the title of the music score to find the score you need.  Look also for the search limiting options or the modify search button to narrow the scope of the search to retrieve only music scores in the displayed results.

Search Tips for Scores

  • Include composer's surname
  • Include the instrument (trumpet, violin, piano, voice type)
  • Use the plural of the music genre (sonatas, symphonies, concertos) - See Uniform Titles section.
  • Use unique numbers. Enter the numbers only. If the score is Opus 101, just enter 101.

For further information on finding scores see sections below on original languages and uniform titles.