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Clinical information & EBP resources

Evidence based practice

Good health professionals inform their clinical practice by consulting the best evidence available to them - this is evidence based practice. Understanding how to form clinical questions, determine the level and type of evidence available to answer questions and find clinical evidence are all important evidence based practice skills. Find out more about the evidence based approach in the Evidence Based Practice subject guide.

Evidence for clinical practice might include research journal articles, evidence summaries, evidence based guidelines, point-of-care tools and clinical trials.

Finding clinical evidence

The resources below may assist you in your search for clinical evidence.

Journal articles

Evidence based research is most commonly published in journal articles. Medline, Pubmed, Embase and CINAHL are good places to start looking for research articles.

Clinical evidence databases

Clinical guidelines

Clinical guidelines provide evidence based information to support decision-making for patient care. Clinical guidelines can often be found in journal article or clinical evidence databases, as well as in collections from national or state based groups.

Australian guidelines


Appraisal of clinical guidelines

The benefits of practice guidelines are only as good as the quality of the guidelines themselves.

AGREE II (Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation) is an internationally recognised, validated tool for the critical appraisal of clinical guidelines. 

Point-of-care resources

Clinical trial websites

Evidence from registered clinical trials (which may not have been published) can provide valuable information.