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Tests and measurements

Psychological tests and measurements

Psychological tests and measurement tools are widely used in psychology, health, education and business to assess a range of abilities and attributes such as intelligence, personality, behaviour, attitudes, etc.  They may take the form of questionnaires, indexes, scales, inventories and more.

Some measurement tools are commercially published and most of these tests, test manuals and score keys may be purchased from the test publisher.  Depending on the publisher and/or the test being sought, you may be required to show that you are competent and qualified to administer and interpret the test before purchase and/or use.

There is another body of information to be found in unpublished or non-commercial tests, inventories, scales and other instruments. Some tests may have been reproduced in full in books, dissertations, and journal articles, often as appendices.  While Griffith University Library does not maintain a test collection, the library has some of these resources in our collection. Check copyright information carefully before using these tests in your research. You will often be required to obtain permission from the author or publisher first. 

This section of the guide has been designed to help you find:

  • information about psychological testing and assessment
  • sources which may contain the full text of test instruments
  • information about tests when you know the title, the author, or publisher
  • tests on a particular topic
  • test critiques or reviews